Galaxy S21 FE Might Have Limited Availability, Skipping South Korea

It seems that Samsung is determined to launch the Galaxy S21 FE, even if it comes late and almost dead on arrival. The company's bullish stance is a bit out of character, but it might just be trying to get some return on its investments in the device. That said, it might not have plans to produce the phone in great quantities and, if the recent report is true, it will be extremely limited to a few markets, not including Samsung's own hometown.

The confirmation of the Galaxy S21 FE's existence and upcoming launch was attributed to a Samsung official cited by South Korean media. The phone, according to this anonymous source, "reflected the will" of the company's mobile business president Roh Tae-moon. It might also reflect the executive's stubbornness, pushing a phone that might not sell decently at all.

In terms of specs, the Galaxy S21 FE shouldn't be too far behind the Galaxy S21 launched earlier this year, at least in the parts that matter the most. The headlining feature will, of course, be the Snapdragon 888 processor and a 6.4-inch 120Hz screen. There will be downgrades in terms of camera and materials used, but it will still look like a Galaxy S22 for all intents and purposes.

Those specs haven't been the problem of the Galaxy S21 FE from the start, though. It's the ongoing component supply shortage that may have put the phone's existence at risk. Now the report suggests that the phone will not even be sold in South Korea, aiming mainly for a European launch.

Whether the Galaxy S21 FE actually launches only in Europe is still unknown, but it's almost inconceivable that it won't launch in India as well. All things considered, it won't be surprising if the phone won't be sold in many markets at all, especially since it will be cutting it very close with the Galaxy S22's launch just a few weeks later.