Galaxy S21 FE Leak Reaffirms Our Worst Suspicions

It's just two weeks before this year ends, a few weeks more before the Galaxy S21 FE's tumultuous journey finally comes to an end as well. Unless something goes horribly wrong, the 2021 Fan Edition phone is set to launch against all odds, but its fate remains uncertain at this point. While its predecessor sold well, there are a few things that are almost set against the Galaxy S21 FE right from the start, and this latest and probably last haul of leaked details cements some of the reasons why you might be on the fence about it as well.

The Galaxy S21 FE's origins were troubled right from the start. It should have already launched back in September or October at the latest, but global supply issues and, to some extent, the success of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 pushed it to the background. It was only the will of Samsung's mobile boss that was reported to be the reason for its upcoming launch next month.

Details about the phone have leaked repeatedly, and WinFuture might be giving us a complete picture of the phone. Depending on your expectations, it might also be "confirming" the reasons some might find the Galaxy S21 FE a bit disappointing. In a nutshell, it might have little new things to offer to justify its price tag.

A Fan Edition phone distills the flagship experience down to its essentials, which is another way of saying it will be cutting some corners to make it more accessible. There are some cases where the Galaxy S21 FE will offer nearly the same experience as the Galaxy S21, like the same Snapdragon 888 and a 6.4-inch screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. It will also have the same mix of materials, like an aluminum frame and a polycarbonate "glasstic" back.

Leaks also dashed hopes that Samsung changed its mind along the way and decided not to remove the microSD card slot from the Galaxy S21 FE. With the Galaxy S20 FE removing the headphone jack last year, the Fan Edition phones are inching closer to becoming cheaper plastic versions of their flagship counterparts. Coincidentally, the Galaxy S21 FE's cameras, both front and back, are almost an exact match to last year's model.

That's not to say there won't be anything to like about the Galaxy S21 FE, like its expected lower price tag and the prospect of getting more Android updates than the Galaxy S20 FE. That only makes the decision to invest in this phone even harder, especially if the Galaxy S22 base model comes blazing in a few weeks later with more to offer at an equally tempting price.