Galaxy S21+ compared with iPhone 12 Pro in leaked video

Samsung has all but confirmed its mid-January event that could mean the announcement of the Galaxy S21 trio. As if to drive home the fact that Samsung's early 2021 flagships are really ready this early, videos of a working version of the Galaxy S21+ has now been making rounds on the Internet. The first one gave a glimpse of the "middle child" in all its entirety and now we're seeing it side by side with Apple's own median, the iPhone 12 Pro.

The earlier video pretty showed off the design of what is allegedly the Galaxy S21+ so there is really nothing new to be seen here. The odd new camera design is there, as well as the nearly bezel-less screen. Here's the video again for reference, from a backup by Sakitech since the original was taken down already.

It's one thing to see the Galaxy S21+ in isolation but another thing to see it with some other phone. What better comparison is there than the iPhone 12 Pro, quite possibly its closest rival. Depending on which side you look at it, however, the Galaxy S21+ may look better or worse than the iPhone 12 Pro.

The most evident difference, at least from this working prototype, is the material used for the backside of the Galaxy S21+. It looks plastic, unlike the more premium glass of the iPhone 12 Pro, which could be a disappointment for some buyers, especially considering how much Samsung's smartphone would cost. It's too early to conclude that, of course, and it could simply be some plastic-looking paint or glass texture but Samsung has been playing with such a material even on its premium phones that it wouldn't be out of character.

The Galaxy S21+ makes up for it with its display, which admittedly looks gorgeous with extremely slim bezels. Then again, this is one thing Samsung already has down to a "T" and it would be more surprising if it actually messed that up in its flagship models which, again, isn't unheard of lately either.