Galaxy S21+ 5G hands-on leak shows phone ready for release

This week a leak divulged a whole bunch of details about the Samsung Galaxy S21 in a hands-on video. This version of the device is almost certainly one of the two "lesser" versions of the S21 family, as evidenced by its lack of curved-edge left and right sides. The device has a relatively flat frontside display and appears to be ready for testing 5G connectivity inside the United States.

Per the leaker, "Random Stuff 2", this device has model ID Samsung SM-G996U, making it a carrier version of the smartphone. This is likely a 5G test model of the device, without final tweaks, without optimized software ready for benchmarking. This leaker benchmarks the device nonetheless. We're expecting better results when the device is actually ready for final launch.

The video shows the Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S21+) in its most basic color combination – black and black. There'll be a more elegant two-tone combo for the other colors offered at launch and in the weeks that follow initial launch. As we've seen in the past, Samsung will start with a few basics and probably ONE extravagant color – a Violet – then will expand to more wild color combinations throughout the year.

Given the state of this device and its advanced appearance – ready to roll in the very near future – our assertion that the Samsung Galaxy event for this device will indeed take place in early January, 2021. The suggested release date for the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra is January 29, 2021. Pricing will likely be very similar to launch pricing for the Samsung Galaxy S20, or within a couple hundred dollars (in the positive direction.)

Take a peek at the Samsung Galaxy S21 in several iterations in the timeline of links below. This device has been leaked in three iterations, two with flat displays, one with a curved-edge display. It's likely the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be able to work with a Samsung S Pen, and quite likely that Samsung will release the S Pen as an accessory sold separate from the phone. Cross your fingers for backward compatibility!