Galaxy S20 Ultra update pulled probably due to numerous bugs

The Galaxy S20 series and especially the Galaxy S20 Ultra should be Samsung's greatest victory yet, at least in theory. In practice, it might be one of its most disappointing and it isn't just the COVID-19 that is to blame. In addition to concerns about performance and price value, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, in particular, seems to be hounded by some rather serious bugs due to Samsung's own updates. Now the company has yanked those updates from the Internet but still remains silent on those matters.

To its credit, Samsung has been quickly pushing out updates to the Galaxy S20 series to address some criticisms from early reviewers. But as Microsoft has proven year after year, speed can sometimes lead to compromises in quality. Some users may have felt that way with the Galaxy S20 updates that have led to a number of noticeable bugs.

The most glaring of these was the phenomenon of the screen turning green depending on certain display settings. Strangely, it seems to have only affected Exynos variants of the Galaxy S20, adding fodder to controversies surrounding Samsung's own mobile processors. SamMobile also reported a sudden slowdown in what was once superfast charging.

Samsung has so far remained silent on the growing number of reports and its first and official action seems to be to take down the offending update from the Internet. Of course, it might have done so for some other reason since the same firmware updates for the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20+ are still available.

The Galaxy S20 has already seen low sales numbers, primarily blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic that has closed many stores worldwide. On top of that, the premium price tags on these smartphones are causing more consumers to reach for cheaper alternatives, especially the newly launched 2020 iPhone SE. A series of bug-ridden updates definitely doesn't help inspire confidence that this is Samsung's best for 2020.