Galaxy S20 Ultra cameras will have this distinct look

It will be less than a month before Samsung's next big Galaxy reveal and, naturally, the leaks have by now painted an almost complete picture. Curiously, one last-minute detail seems to have just landed regarding the top of the line Galaxy S20 Ultra. It doesn't actually debunk any of the previous unofficial information we've received but it does paint a rather unusual image of what the phone's cameras might look like.

It should be clear by now that anyone who wants the latest and greatest that Samsung has to offer will have to save up for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Even without the 5G factor, it will be the one that is expected to be equipped with the highest specs, including the largest 6.9-inch 3200x1400 120 Hz screen, as much as 16 GB of RAM and, of course, the best cameras.

Those cameras include what is expected to be a special version of Samsung's 108 megapixel sensor, a 12 megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, and a time-of-flight (ToF) sensor for depth sensing and AR. There's also the 48 megapixel telephoto main camera but don't let the low number fool you. This camera is expected to be able to achieve 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom on top of that.

Samsung may actually be focusing, no pun intended, on the latter aspect based on a leaked photo of the Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera array. Rather than one solid rectangular block of black, Ishan Agarwal claims that setup will have two colors, with a gray matte-like material that sets the periscope camera apart from the rest. And there will even be a "100X" text beside it just to emphasize its feature.

That could raise some concerns about the appearance of the camera setup against the back of the phones, which have taken colorful hues in the past year or two. Perhaps Samsung will do an Apple and match the 100X camera's color with its surroundings but that wouldn't make it stand out enough. We'll know soon enough when Samsung unveils the Galaxy S20 trio, along with the foldable Galaxy Z Flip, on February 11.