Galaxy S20 Ultra camera fix update now rolling out in the US

It's no secret that Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, has been plagued by a number of issues, not the least of which are some camera problems that include slow autofocus when the camera app is launched and excessive softness applied to selfies. That's disappointing considering the high-end camera hardware Samsung packed into its flagship, but things are finally changing.READ: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Review: Too Much

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is the highest-end model in Samsung's new Galaxy S20 product line — it sports a 108-megapixel wide-angle camera, as well as a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera, 48-megapixel telephone camera, and a DepthVision camera. For photographers and general media enthusiasts, the camera capabilities were an exciting prospect.

Initial reviews of the phone revealed some camera issues, however, including videos in which it took the cameras a handful of seconds to focus after the video recording started. As well, reviewers had complained of selfies that feature excessive softness, an issue that has popped up on some other phone models over the years.

Soon after the handset was launched and the concerns started rolling in, Samsung said that it would release a future update that addressed the issue but without any solid details about when the update would be made available. Fortunately, the wait wasn't as long as some had feared — the fix started rolling out on Saturday, March 21, according to Tom's Guide.

The update will address the soft focus and poor autofocus issues, hopefully enabling the S20 Ultra to offer the image and video quality consumers expected from the high-end hardware. The phone itself remains notable — it boasts a 6.9-inch display and a large number of features, but with a big downside: the huge $1,400 cost. Be sure to check out SlashGear's review above for sample images and all of the details!