Galaxy S20 FE touchscreen issues persist after three updates

It is almost the perfect compromise between features and price but the Galaxy S20 FE's otherwise stellar package is marred by one persistent problem. Reports about touchscreen issues go back as far as last month, just after the Fan Edition finally became available to fans. This week, Samsung has released its third attempt at fixing that issue and the fact that users are reporting otherwise doesn't bode well for the "lite" Samsung flagship.

The Galaxy S20 Fan Edition or FE distills the early 2020 flagship's key features into a package that won't break the bank, at least not too much. One of those features included a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, here downgraded to FHD+ resolutions, that boasted a 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch response rate. Unfortunately, that same key feature is what's causing users some headache and maybe even eye aches.

New owners of the phone have reported a variety of problems with the phone's display, ranging from ghost touch issues to jittery movement when scrolling. The latter is particularly puzzling considering the 120Hz screen should be moving smooth as butter. Samsung already rolled out two updates last month with very little effect but some say third time's the charm.

A new firmware with build number G781BXXU1ATK1 was just rolled out this week and one of the two bullet points notes that it is supposed to improve the stability of the touch screen. According to feedback gathered by GSMArena, however, it may have only mitigated the issue but not removed it completely. Some report that scroll jitters happen less often and pinch to zoom is also smoother but still there.

At this point, some are already growing worried that the screen issues are rooted in hardware, which means no amount of software updates will fix them. That will require Samsung to issue a recall, so it might never admit to that. There's also the possibility that it is still fine-tuning its fix and maybe a fourth or even fifth try will finally squash the bug once and for all.