Galaxy S20 Fan Edition could be the Galaxy S20 Lite

The days of Samsung's "mini" flagships are probably long gone but it seems it's starting a new trend instead. Last year, it made an unexpected launch of a Galaxy S10 Lite and a Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Unsurprisingly, there are those who wondered if it was a one-time thing but there are now whispers that a Galaxy S20 Lite might be coming our way, though with a different name.SamMobile's sources have revealed a device in development that's being called internally as the Galaxy S20 Fan Edition. We haven't heard the name "Fan Edition" used elsewhere other than the Galaxy Note 7 FE that followed its ill-fated namesake and Samsung might want to stay away from that association in the final product name. Whether Fan Edition or Lite, though, the phone is already sounding particularly interesting anyway.

There are two such models with that name. A certain SM-G780 is allegedly the global version that will only come with 4G capabilities at most. In contrast, the SM-G781 will supposedly head for the US with 5G in tow. For comparison, the Galaxy S10 Lite had a model number of SM-G770.

That network support could every well decide what processors Samsung will have to use. If it goes by what it did last year, this Galaxy S20 FE/Lite should have the same processors as the Galaxy S20. Whether it will choose the cheaper but also less powerful Snapdragon 765, however, could still be a possibility.

The Galaxy S20 Lite or Fan Edition could be Samsung's way of salvaging the Galaxy S20 name. Its early 2020 flagship got a lukewarm reception, partly because of the global pandemic. Of course, there's also a Galaxy Note 20 on the way in less than two months but Samsung is pretty much known for throwing a lot of things on the wall to see which ones sell well.