Galaxy S20+ camera bump poses with gigantic Galaxy S20 Ultra

It will be less than a week before Samsung officially reveals what everyone already knows anyway but it's still good to get some real-world perspective on some things. We've seen the details and renders of the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20+, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra but it takes a live photo of the devices, or at least alleged devices, to make you acutely aware of what's heading our way. Suffice it to say, not everyone is amused.

The iPhone 11 and then the Google Pixel 4 were initially ridiculed for their new camera designs but, as always, criticism settled down especially when reality was not as bad as expected. It seems, however, that Samsung doesn't want to be outdone and may try to use a shock factor to generate discussions about its Galaxy S20 flagships.

We've seen renders of the Galaxy S20+ before but YouTuber Jon Prosser, who earlier leaked a live photo of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, is now showing what it may look in real life. The good news is that it is just as the renders suggested it would look like. The bad news is that it is just as the renders suggested it would look like.

The Galaxy S20 Ultra has it worse, of course, especially when placed with the Galaxy S20+. The sheer size of the camera bump takes up a ridiculous portion of the phone's back. Samsung will most likely try to downplay that aspect by focusing on how powerful the cameras are.

That will give consumers an additional factor to consider in addition to the price. Will they be willing to accept the Galaxy S20 Ultra's head-turning design and $1,400 price tag in exchange for what is promised to be an upgraded camera experience or will the $1,200 Galaxy S20+ be more than enough? We'll find out soon in the days following the Unpacked 2020 event next week.