Galaxy S10 triple cameras to come in a special model

JC Torres - Jun 25, 2018, 10:05pm CDT
Galaxy S10 triple cameras to come in a special model

Unless you’re looking to upgrade to a stylus-toting phone from a 2016 flagship phone, you might want to skip the Galaxy Note 9 this year. That’s because the Galaxy S10 is shaping up to be quite the rebel, at least as far as rumors are concerned. As Samsung’s tenth anniversary smartphone, it is expected to be spectacular, even extravagant, just like the iPhone X. That, apparently might include a separate model with three cameras, not unlike the Huawei P20 Pro pictured above.

According to the report from Korean media, there are three Galaxy S10 models in the works, codenamed “Beyond 0”, “Beyond 1”, and “Beyond 2”. Sounds almost like the triple play that Apple has now adopted. Beyond 0 is the entry-level phone with a 5.8-inch flat screen. Beyond 1 is more like the Galaxy S9, with a 5.8-inch curved Infinity Display. The Beyond 2, like the Galaxy S9+, gets a 6.2-inch curved screen.

Things get a bit interesting when it comes to the cameras. The Beyond 0 will get one camera and the Beyond 1 will get two, a marked upgrade from this year’s Galaxy S9. The Beyond 2, however, will allegedly get three cameras. The report doesn’t exactly say what those cameras will be but it doesn’t take a genius that this is Samsung’s response to Huawei’s challenge. Given how Samsung loves to do things differently, it will be interesting so see what spin it can come up with.

Aside from the cameras, the Galaxy S10 has also recently been rumored to finally have an in-display fingerprint scanner. In lieu of that and improved 3D face recognition, Samsung will supposedly remove iris recognition, which has never really gained mass appeal.

With three Galaxy S10 models in development, one might think that Samsung is pushing its foldable phone further back. That may be the case but the same report insists that Samsung is rushing it in light of Huawei’s expected launch of its own foldable device in November.

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