Galaxy S10 three models confirmed by Chinese certification

JC Torres - Oct 10, 2018, 12:08am CDT
Galaxy S10 three models confirmed by Chinese certification

This month will probably see more new smartphones come to market than last month’s IFA, but for Samsung fans, the show is mostly over and they’re setting their sights on next year’s flagship. Unless Samsung does an Apple, that is expected to be simply called the Galaxy S10. Not only that, it might have three models even. That leak has now more or less been confirmed by a sighting in China’s MIIT agency naming the three flagship phones that will be coming our way early next year.

The name could still change anytime, at least until the product has been finalized. The leaks have been very consistent though, at least with the internal names of the devices. Those would be the Beyond 0, 1, and 2, each with different price points and features, somewhat mimicking Apple’s triple play this year.

Now China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology or MIIT gives these three formal model numbers, still not product names. The agency, which regulates the country’s Internet and wireless goods among other things, has inspected three new phones from “Huizhou Samsung Electronics”. These are named as the SM-G9700, SM-G9730, and SM-G9750.

Considering that the Galaxy S9 is the SM-G9600 and the Galaxy S9+ is the SM-G950, it’s pretty easy to presume that these are the Galaxy S10 models. The bands listed by the inspection doesn’t seem to include frequencies for 5G networks, which means we’re not seeing the “fourth” member of the group, the “Beyond 2 5G”.

Sadly, the certification doesn’t make any mention of other features for the three smartphones but they’re pretty much expected to sport 5.8 and 6.44 inch screens with one to two to three cameras on their back as Mobielkopen lists. Unless Samsung makes a last minute change, none of them will have four cameras. That’s probably going to be reserved for the Galaxy A9 Pro coming later this week.

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