Galaxy S10 tenth anniversary phone might be unimpressive

Apple bent over backwards to make its tenth anniversary as spectacular as it can be. Not only did it change the name a bit, the iPhone X also drastically changed the design and the technologies inside. If you expected Samsung would copy its rival yet again, you might be in for a surprise and a disappointment. According to sources from component suppliers, the Samsung Galaxy S10 might bet yet another incremental upgrade, changing in only two significant ways from this year's Galaxy S9.

It's not even going to be called the Galaxy X. That said, Samsung does release two or three flagship models a year, and that name could be reserved for the foldable Galaxy phone in the second half of 2019. The Galaxy S10, in contrast would be a more reserved and normal release.

The Galaxy S10 and its companion Galaxy S10+ will bear Infinity Displays, no surprise there. They will be larger than this year's models, those sources say, but only slightly so. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ screens measure 5.77 and 6.22 inches, respectively. Next year's early flagships will round those off to 5.8 and 6.3 inches.

There are no expected major technological changes in the Galaxy S10 save for two. One is a 3D camera for face recognition while the other is the long-overdue in-display fingerprint scanner. Neither are expected to be available even on the Galaxy Note 9 later this year.

If these sources are on the mark, the Galaxy S10 could be yet another "boring" release, but that might actually be for the best. If 2019 will be the year Samsung launches the foldable Galaxy X, then consumers might want to have a more traditional and stable option for a 2019 flagship.