Galaxy S10 release will be 3D special, like iPhone X

Samsung is almost certainly set to bring their 10th Galaxy S smartphone into this world with a bang. A report from South Korea suggests this week that they'll do something not unlike Apple's iPhone X, what with its replacement of the number 10 with the letter, and the 3D scanning abilities – though from a slightly different angle than Apple.

The folks at The Bell suggested this week that they've got insider info on the next big Samsung smartphone. They suggested that the brand Mantis Vision is working with Samsung on the 3D sensing camera that'll come standard with the Galaxy S10 (or S 10, if you prefer.) At this time, Mantis Vision creates 3D sensing cameras made for medium-scale handheld scanning.

It's unclear how Samsung will make use of the tech – if it'll be for a feature that's brand new, or if it'll be a near-clone of what Apple's presented with the iPhone X. Samsung may just bust out a surprise for the 10th anniversary of their most major smartphone line – or they could just be satisfied with parring-up with their biggest competitors.

Samsung is also likely set to bring their in-screen fingerprint sensor tech to the public by the time the Galaxy S10 is revealed. Earliest reports suggested this tech would reach the Galaxy Note 8, then the Galaxy S9 – but as of now, it might not be released until the S10 next year. Cross your fingers – if you're in to that sort of thing.

One way or the other, Samsung will make the Galaxy S10 a device to remember. Be it with a brand new type of display, a next-level camera, or some sort of bonkers mobile tech we've not yet thought of – they'll aim to come correct. Wouldn't want to get caught out in the cold when expectations are running hot.