Galaxy S10 leaks: colors, flat display, fingerprint scanner

JC Torres - Nov 19, 2018, 9:48pm CST
Galaxy S10 leaks: colors, flat display, fingerprint scanner

Samsung’s foldable phone might be the most talked-about phone next year but more practical buyers will probably look to the Galaxy S10 more. While the company’s early 2019 flagships won’t have that rather eccentric folding gimmick, it’s not going to be without special, never before seen features, at least as far as Samsung Galaxy phones go. Because as novel as they may be for the Korean giant, the Galaxy S10 might look like it’s playing catchup with the rest of the market this time.

Its most innovative feature expected so far, for example, is in-screen fingerprint scanner or fingerprint on display (FoD). That has actually been an expected feature since last year but it took this long for Samsung to finally adopt it. However, the likes of Huawei and other Chinese OEMs have already been using the technology since late last year.

Not all Galaxy S10s will have it, though. Two out of three models will, the 5.8-inch SM-G973x and the 6.44-inch SM-G975x. The budget model, the SM-G970x, is expected to have a more traditional fingerprint scanner, though one that’s hidden underneath the side power button, just like on the new Galaxy A7 (2018).

According to Korean media, that cheaper phone will also be different in another way. The Electronic Times claims that it will have a 5.8-inch flat OLED screen, in contrast to the Infinity Displays of the other two. This is almost nostalgic, going back to the days of plain versus “edge” Galaxy phones.

SamMobile also mentions that the Galaxy S10 will come in Black, White, Yellow, and Green colors, at least at launch. Some might even sport the new gradient colors that seem to be en vogue these days. The site also notes that the Galaxy S10 trio will arrive in February, with 5G variants following a few months after.

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