Galaxy S10 5G drops data connection when switching to LTE in Korea

5G is touted to be the future but if the rising number of complaints in Korea is any indication, it's going to be a messy one. Granted, roll out of the next-gen network is extremely limited and the Galaxy S10 5G is so far the only commercially available 5G-compatible handset for now. As far as first impressions go, however, the initial rollout isn't turning out to be a good one.

The Galaxy S10 5G has just become available in South Korea but it is already giving early adopters a big headache. Granted, it is expected that 5G coverage will be extremely limited until next year. Phones and networking equipment are supposed to be able to fall back to 4G LTE seamlessly, which is not what Galaxy S10 5G owners are experiencing.

According to a growing number of users, their data connection gets cut off when the smartphone tries to switch from 5G down to LTE. Worse, it seems that they continually get disconnected until they restart the phone several times. Suffice it to say, the experience is very disruptive.

In theory, the transition isn't supposed to go that way. Just like you don't get disconnected when your signal downgrades from 4G to 3G or lower, the switch should also be unnoticeable except for the change in speed. It should definitely not cut off data abruptly.

Samsung and Korean telecoms aren't exactly of much help. Either they barely respond or they point the blame at each other. Carriers are saying they have not received such complaints in the past days after they've upgraded their base station software while Samsung claims it has already updated its own software to make the transition between networks smoother. Users, however, beg to differ.