Galaxy S III S-Voice vs iPhone's Siri Hands-on

Now that Samsung has brought the fight to the mobile world with the Galaxy S III, it's time to focus on its voice-response abilities in S-Voice up against Apple's Siri. This is a battle that shall be waged right out of the gate, with Samsung's S-Voice capabilities starting out with a bang with the ability to open applications with Apple's Siri is already a tried-and-true cool feature to be sure. Is this going to be your deciding feature when choosing the iPhone or the Galaxy S III this summer?

The team at Samsung have taken what all Android devices are already capable of with Google Voice Actions and have amped up the game quite a bit, calling S-Voice here on the Galaxy S III. This newest version of Samsung's take on voice controls with actions like "What's the weather for today?" and "I want to take a picture" and "Cheese!" all being understood right out of the gate. You can open up applications, change tracks when you're listening to music, and more.

What we've experienced thus far with an early version of Samsung's S-Voice is that though you're able to set alarms, tasks and appointments, call contacts, open apps, and check the weather, working with the server-side processing S-Voice uses is hit-and-miss. This of course could be due to the fact that the device and the software aren't at their final release level yet – we'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile its up to Samsung and their voice recognition partners, including Vlingo amonst others, to improve the show.

Have a peek at this gallery to see many of S-Voice's abilities right here at its initiation with the Galaxy S III:

Then there's Siri. We of course are quite familiar with Siri, it having been released even before the iPhone 4S as an independent app. Now here with the iPhone we know it as an almost magical-seeming application built-in to the iPhone 4S for commands, questions, and answers galore. Siri is limited to a few application interactions still here several months after launch with the iPhone 4S, but can answer questions about your schedule, check the weather, and several other similar items.

Have a peek at our original hands-on with Siri to see what it's all about:

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