Galaxy S III Dimensions Revealed By Screen Protector

Details on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III may have been inadvertently revealed by a popular South Korean screen protector manufacturer called Colorant. The company just released its latest USG (Ultimate Screen Guard) protector for the Galaxy S III and its design supports some of the rumors surrounding the new handset's size and shape.

Unwired HK got a hold of the new screen protector and overlaid it on multiple devices for comparison. When placed on top of the original international Galaxy S II, it's apparent that the protector is too large for the 4.3-inch display. The protector is also too big for the 4.7-inch HTC One X, which suggests that the Galaxy S III will likely be a 4.8-inch device.

The shape of the USG screen protector also supports rumors on the design of the Galaxy S III. The screen protector indicates that the device will be slightly longer than the 4.7-inch HTC One X and that it will have a dedicated menu button lower than HTC's capacitive touch buttons.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is expected to debut on May 3, when it will be unveiled in London. Be sure to stay tuned on SlashGear for the full details as we'll be covering the event live.