Galaxy P30 Might Be More Complicated Than Initially Thought

Just when you thought Samsung was cleaning up and consolidating its phone lines along S, A, and M brands, along comes a certain Galaxy P30 that throws that theory out the window. It would be exclusive to China, to be fair, but it was also supposed to feature something that the Galaxy S10 won't have until next year. But now it seems that there's a bit more to the Galaxy P30's story than that, making it actually more confusing where to place it in Samsung's grand scheme.

Contrary to initial leaks by other sources, the Galaxy P30 won't be using an in-display fingerprint sensor. That comes from MMDDJ_, who first clued us in on the phone's existence. He makes no mention of the Galaxy P30+, though, and there's still a sliver of a chance that may have an FOD.

So if the Galaxy P30 won't beat the Galaxy S10 to that game, what is it then? Apparently just another high-end Samsung phone with one difference: it will have a lower price tag. SamMobile's sources claim that it will have 64 to 128 GB of internal storage while MMDDJ_ adds that it will have 6 GB of RAM. The Galaxy P30 will also sport Samsung's new love for gradients, with base colors available in blue, pink, black, and red.

So here's where things will stand. The Galaxy S (and presumably Galaxy Note) will always be Samsung's premium line. The Galaxy A will be the company's new playground for pushing new technologies and features to the mid-range first. The Galaxy M will be the budget phones. The Galaxy P will slot in somewhere between S and A and probably only for China.