Galaxy Note 9 in White is coming to welcome winter

JC Torres - Nov 18, 2018, 10:36pm CST
Galaxy Note 9 in White is coming to welcome winter

This year’s Samsung flagships have really taken colors to heart. The Galaxy S9, S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 have gone beyond the usual drab hues and embraced purples and blues and browns. That said, some do actually prefer their phones to be less conspicuous in terms of appearance but also find black or gray to be too dull. If the rumors are true, then they might have a white holiday treat coming for them with a white Galaxy Note 9 landing this week, at least in Taiwan.

It’s almost ironic that when the market has finally gotten the colorful phones they’ve asked for, they then start longing for the plain blacks, grays, and whites. Then again, what users are probably longing for really is the option to choose that went away the day we said goodbye to removable back covers. Until the day we can have such color options on glass backs, we’ll have to settle for what OEMs decide the market wants and which market gets which colors.

Naturally, not all colors are available in all markets so there’s a chance this white Galaxy Note 9 will be likewise. If it’s true at all, that is. This variant has been making rounds over the Internet though nothing has been made official, not even leaked renders. The one above, for example, is fan-made, suggesting the desire for such a color.

Those desires might be fulfilled this week for those who live in Taiwan. According to ePrice, Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 9 White on November 23. It will come with a matching white stylus, which means that its Signature color for Screen Off Memo will also be white, which has been the case since the Galaxy Note 7 introduced the feature. How that will look translated to the normal Samsung Notes’ white background will be interesting to see (if you can see white on white, that is).

That is, of course, if it’s the real deal. We won’t know yet until later this week and even then, it might be exclusive to some markets outside of the US anyway. The only consolation is that, if it does become available, it won’t be a special edition that will cost more than what the already very expensive Galaxy Note 9 does.

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