Galaxy Note 9 colors leaked, Bluetooth S Pen confirmed

It seems that the Galaxy Note 9 turned from boring Galaxy Note 8+1 into an overnight sensation thanks to rumors about its S Pen and, more recently, its larger than usual (for Samsung) battery. And, indeed, the S Pen keeps on giving. New details, that is. Thanks to the stylus, we might now know what colors the Galaxy Note 9 will come in and, thanks to the FCC, we now also know that the stylus will indeed have Bluetooth functionality.

Presuming Samsung hasn't changed it practice, the color of the S Pen always matches the color of the handset. So when a list of the color codes for the S Pen surfaces, we can pretty much expect the Galaxy Note 9 to come in those colors as well. SamMobile lists the S Pen codes with their colors, revealing five color possibilities:

1. EJ-PN960BBEGWW: Black

2. EJ-PN960BJEGWW: Gray

3. EJ-PN960BVEGWW: Violet / Purple

4. EJ-PN960BLEGWW: Blue

5. EJ-PN960BAEGWW: Brown

This is seemingly confirmed by renders from case makers shown above and below. Interesting to note is the brown color that hasn't exactly been that popular, despite its many shades. Oddly, there is no mention of a gold color that seems to be hinted by Samsung's own Unpacked invitation. It could simply be a red herring or a special edition.

The S Pen is, obviously, going to be the main focus of Samsung's Galaxy Note 9 in contrast to its photography spin for the Galaxy S9. If there has been any doubt left as to its wireless capability, those should be dispelled by the FCC certification that stops short of calling it the Galaxy Note 9 S Pen. With that doubt out of the way, all we need to wait for is how much flexibility Samsung will let users have over the feature.