Galaxy Note 8 cases give us our closest look yet

JC Torres - Jun 30, 2017, 2:34 am CDT
Galaxy Note 8 cases give us our closest look yet

If you were expecting the Galaxy Note 8 to have some bold new design or innovation, you might have been disappointed by the recent renders made by OnLeaks. If you were hoping that these cases prematurely selling at accessory retailer Mobile Fun would offer some good news, sorry to burst your bubble again. While we can’t yet be sure of how accurate these cases are, they pretty much confirm what we’ve seen and heard so far: a Galaxy Note 8 that is pretty much a larger Galaxy S8+ with a pen.

While the product photos don’t give us a 360-degree view, it at least shows the most interesting side of the Galaxy Note 8. And by “interesting” we really almost mean “disappointing” as well. It sadly confirms the arrangement of the fingerprint sensor vis-a-vis the dual cameras. Suffice to say, not many are amused by this stubborn design.

We also get a glimpse of the Galaxy Note 8’s screen. Without a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ by its side, we can’t really confirm nor deny just how much bezel was shaved off. It’s definitely no Essential phone, but it’s still one of the best there is in the market.

Aside from these features, or misfeatures, the Galaxy Note 8 is also expected to run on the same Snapdragon 835 as the Galaxy S8, albeit with 6 GB of RAM rather than 4. The screen size is only slightly larger than the Galaxy S8+ at 6.3 inches instead of 6.2. The larger 3,300 mAh battery will definitely be a primary focus, more on whether it explodes or not rather than its actual capacity.

The dual cameras will definitely be a highlight for the Galaxy Note 8, as it is practically the only new technology in the phablet. We’ll have to see if that alone would make the Galaxy Note 8 worth its rumored $1,000 price.

SOURCE: Mobile Fun

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