Galaxy Note 8 announcement rush could cost Samsung again

While it might not have the same back and forth uncertainty as the iPhone 8's fingerprint scanner or lack thereof, the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is quickly becoming a topsy-turvy affair as well. First it was rumored to happen late August, just a wee bit before IFA 2017 in September. And then whispers of an IFA announcement have started to roll. Now we're back to August, but at a possibly even earlier date. All of this to try to beat the Apple iPhone 8 to market.

If you simply base it on the fact that the Galaxy S8 was delayed by a good month, you'd reasonably expect the Galaxy Note 8 to follow the customary 6 month period to give a flagship enough time in the market. Samsung, however, is anything but consistent, so, in some sense, a super early August reveal isn't exactly out of the ordinary for it.

Its reason for doing so, however, might give people a strong sense of deja vu. After all, the Galaxy S8 was intentionally delayed so that Samsung could make sure it would not be as problematic as its immediate predecessor, the Galaxy Note 7, whose problems are now attributed to Samsung's haste to launch it before Apple's September iPhone event. This year, however, Samsung might have an even stronger reason to stay clear of September.

Apple is expected to, at the very least, announce the iPhone 8, which could be its most daring and unorthodox iPhone yet. The feature list includes nearly no bezels, an OLED screen, wireless charging, and an under the screen fingerprint scanner. If even just most of these pans out, it would still eclipse the Galaxy Note 8, no matter how early it launches.

But the biggest concern over Samsung's rush will be whether it will repeat the same mistakes last year, though probably with less disastrous results. The on-screen fingerprint scanner is already said to have been put off yet again because it wasn't ready yet. If Samsung is trying to launch the Galaxy Note 8 earlier than planned, that could be reason why. Who knows what other wastes Samsung is prepared to make it in its haste to be the early bird this time around.

One somewhat hopeful news, or rumor rather, comes via a posting on Weibo. The Galaxy Note 8 could sport twin 13 megapixel sensors on its back, made by Samsung itself. The Korean OEM has, in the past, sourced its camera sensors from different suppliers, including its own business as well as Sony. It has, however, improved substantially in the imaging sensor department that dual Samsung cameras could only be a good thing.

VIA: The Bell, Weibo