Galaxy Note 8 Android Oreo beta has been leaked if you want to risk it

Samsung's awful Android update track record has sometimes forced its users to look towards unofficial ways to get their fix. And it isn't just about getting the latest features either. Being protected from well-known security exploits has recently become more than just optional. Despite being its newest flagship, however, the Galaxy Note 8 isn't getting any special Oreo treatment. But thanks to some sleuthing by power users, you can get a taste of some pre-baked cookies. Unfortunately, it might not yet be worth the risk.

The Galaxy Note 8 isn't yet scheduled to have its Oreo beta. Samsung is still focusing its resources on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, which just recently got its fourth beta update. Given the manufacturer's speed, it's not surprising if users have grown anxious when the Galaxy Note 8's turn will begin.

Some users have taken matters into their own hands. A Redditor has discovered links to the images for at least one variant of the Galaxy Note 8 that would update it from 7.1.1 Nougat to the latest 8.0 Oreo build. It won't be easy, however, and will require a bit of a risk on the user's part.

For one, the images are for the Snapdragon variant of the smartphone only, so those with Exynos processors shouldn't even dare to try. It also requires users who installed the previous leaked beta to downgrade back to the BQK2 firmware before upgrading to BQL5 and then to the latest CQL7 Oreo beta firmware. At any point in time, you could end up with a brick.

So why even risk it? This second beta leak happens to also include Android's December 2017 security patch which, among other things, plugs up the hole left by the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability. Without that, Galaxy Note 8 owners are left unprotected, waiting for when Samsung finally decides the time is right.

VIA: Reddit