Galaxy Note 7 with flat screen resurfaces, reignites debate

JC Torres - Jul 20, 2016, 1:30am CDT
Galaxy Note 7 with flat screen resurfaces, reignites debate

It’s almost like watching a ping pong bout. At one point in time, there was speculation that there would be two variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, then still the Note 6, one with a regular flat screen and another with curved edges. Since then there has been back and forth leaks and tips rooting for one or the other. Of late, it seemed that the curved variant emerged victorious. But now that might not be the case. A photo of what is billed as a prototype of the Galaxy Note 7 has appeared on the Internet and, lo and behold, it has a flat screen.

There is no shortage of debate regarding Samsung’s curved edge screens. Some see it simply as a fancy gimmick showing off the manufacturer’s display making prowess. Others actually do find some functionality for the edges beyond aesthetics. Admittedly, there are certain advantages to the design, but it hasn’t been thoroughly tested on a Galaxy Note model.

It actually remains to be seen whether the curved edges will be a boon or a bane for the S Pen enables phablet. With normal use, it probably doesn’t make much of a difference from, say, a Galaxy S7 edge. But when you put the S Pen into the equation, there may or may not be some issues with the edges. For sure, you’ll probably want to keep the pen within the flat area only.


Of course, this prototype could also mean nothing. It is, after all, a prototype and not the almost finished products we’ve seen leaked recently. Samsung may have already decided to ditch this road. And it almost looks like a dead knocker for an existing Galaxy Note 5, except for all the sensors at the top.\

We won’t have to wait long for an answer, as Samsung will finally reveal all in two weeks’ time.


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