Galaxy Note 7 users will get no additional compensation says Samsung

Galaxy Note 7 owners who are hoping for some additional compensation thanks to having to return their phablets twice will be disappointed. Samsung has stated that there will be no more compensation for the users other than what has already been offered. The statement on no further compensation comes after a class-action suit has been filed against Samsung on behalf of Note 7 owners.

In South Korea, Samsung's home country, a class-action suit has been filed on behalf of about 2,400 consumers. Each of the 2,400 former Note 7 owners is seeing compensation of 500,000 won (about $426) in the suit. The reason listed in the suit for the demand of more compensation is that they had to visit the stores at least four times during the debacle.

One visit to buy the device, one to check the battery, one to exchange the device for a new Note 7, and another to return their new device when it was recalled. Samsung's reply to the court so far has stated that it's not obligated to compensate consumers who received a new device after the Note 7 was recalled. Samsung maintains it has offered the most compensation that it will offer to owners of the Note 7.

Samsung has also stated that if the court forces it to provide additional compensation it would set a negative precedent against companies issuing voluntary recalls in the future. The smartphone maker also noted that it has already taken a 10 trillion won loss in the wake of the recalls. Note 7 owners will get an offer of a 50% discount on a new S8 or Note 8 when those devices launch. A report in November suggested the returned Note 7 smartphones could return as refurbished units at some point.