Galaxy Note 7 survives falling 100ft in a block of ice

The Galaxy Note 7 is a beautiful phone, but some have questioned its durability. So-called torture tests are nothing new, and Samsung's latest handset has already been subjected to many of them. This latest torture test, though, is a bit different: someone frozen the phone in a block of ice, then dropped it off the top of a parking garage onto the concrete ground below. Spoiler alert: the phone makes it.

The Galaxy Note 7 is protected by Corning's Gorilla Glass 5, which is why there was such a controversy recently when a video posted by Jerry Rig Everything showed the screen easily being scratched. Corning has discounted that test, though, indicating that the 'scratches' visible from the number 3 pick was just material residue (the pick rubbing off and leaving marks).

Regardless, Gorilla Glass 5 is supposed to be more resistant to shattering, and based on the video above, it certainly holds true to that statement. The folks at GizmoSlip put the Galaxy Note 7 in a large bowl of water at the beginning of the video — battery charged and phone turned on — then put it in the freezer.

We get a couple looks at the phone as the ice starts to form — the phone is awake and swapping through screens at one point — before its battery finally dies and the block of ice is retrieved 20+ hours later. The rest of the test is pretty simple: the guys behind it climbed to the top of a parking garage and dropped the brick of ice off the top onto concrete below. The ice shatters and the phone goes flying, but once retrieved we see that the glass hasn't cracked, and the phone starts up like normal once charged.