Galaxy Note 7 details hinted at in Samsung software update

The Galaxy Note 5 has received an update (so to speak) which gives a Beta glimpse at the future of the next device in line. That's the Galaxy Note 7, we're to understand, bypassing the name of the device that'd more sensibly come there since each successive Galaxy Note has had a number which comes after the last. Now we're matching up with the Galaxy S series, which is also at 7. This update we're speaking of is a Beta release of a user interface update to the Galaxy Note series, giving us hints as to the functionality of the Note 7 in the process.

What you'll find here is more than just a new set of icons. You'll find a reorganization of what's possible in Android. You'll find the ability to decide how fast your battery will charge. You'll find a new, cleaner look to your quick-access settings. Your settings will have more than one row in your pull-down notifications window if you like.

Perhaps the most interesting bit you'll see here is the swipe-up gesture for app shortcuts. Each app on the device's home screen has the ability to be opened with a swipe up – starting with your finger on the app icon, and pushing your finger upward (toward the top of the screen), you'll find an action with each icon.

Much like Apple's Force Touch with the iPhone 6S, some apps will not have an action when this device is released. Samsung apps will, some others will not.

The above demo video comes from HDBlog – tap in to see more videos from these Italian video-makers.

We've also been told that the Galaxy Note 7 will come with curved edges, much like the Galaxy S7 Edge – but therein lies a problem. What about the people that've been buying every single Galaxy Note device since the beginning that've gotten used to the flat display?

They'll have a flat device as well.

Our most recent anonymous-tipster information suggests that Samsung will be running with the Edge selling point for the series, just as they do with the Galaxy S7 Edge, pushing that as a feature no other device brands have. Meanwhile they still offer the flatter device for those that don't want a dip on either side of the front of their phone.