Galaxy Note 7 becomes a deadly weapon in GTA 5 Mod

Well that took long enough. Although a blazing or even exploding smartphone is no joking matter in real life, the case of the Galaxy Note 7 was something that would inevitably become the butt of jokes. Perhaps for a few years even. So, naturally, it was begging for a game mod and a certain modder by the handle of HitmanNiko was only too happy to oblige. Now Grand Theft Auto 5 players can really use the Galaxy Note 7 for what it has become: a fiery weapon of mass destruction.

Imagine walking into a firearms store, search for the perfect contraption to wreak havoc and mayhem on the streets. Scanning the counter, your gaze lands on what is probably the most sophisticated and hi-tech weapon on sale: a Galaxy Note 7.

Kidding aside, this GTA 5 mod simply swaps out the model for the game's sticky bomb with the now infamous Samsung phablet. And just like any sticky bomb, you can stick it on things (duh) or throw it at will. Or rather, at anything and anyone that gets in your way. Of course, you'll need more than just one Galaxy Note 7. Fortunately in the world of GTA 5, they're a whole lot cheaper.

Even with Samsung rebooting the sales of the Galaxy Note 7, the smartphone's notoriety will surely outlive it. And considering there are still some defective units out in the wild, we might have heard the end of combusting smartphones just yet. At least hopefully not used in this manner.