Galaxy Note 4 gets dubious leaks, one last teaser video

JC Torres - Aug 29, 2014
Galaxy Note 4 gets dubious leaks, one last teaser video

Had your fill of Samsung‘s videos hailing the revolution of the S Pen? Maybe you’d prefer some semi-real leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 itself. Although we are, naturally, unsure of the veracity of this video and image, we can simply add it to the growing body of knowledge ready to be confirmed or burned at the official unveiling at IFA 2014 next week.

The image above is, of course, not the real device but a 3D render, usually done for press materials. This image was said to have been submitted just a day after the official wallpapers for the Galaxy Note 4 were leaked, contributing to suspicions of its authenticity. The image portrays a device that is not so different from the Galaxy Note 3, which isn’t surprising since the two are expected to share the same screen size at the very least. It does look subtly less rounded in the corners. Then again, this is only a render.

The video below is supposedly that of the device itself, except we really can’t tell since it’s enclosed in an “anti-leak” box. You can only see the screen in action in this one, but not enough to tell much. Samsung’s next phablet is expected to sport a 5.7-inch screen, just like its predecessor, but with a significantly higher QHD resolution. Definitely nothing to pan, especially if you’re a video or screen junkie.

OK, so maybe Samsung isn’t done yet with the teasers. This one is less preachy though and really more like an ad to let you know about its September event. Of course, there might be some clues embedded in the video, like possible features. Then again, we have an almost complete picture of the device, or at least our expectations of it.

How ever the Galaxy Note 4 turns out, we’ll be there to see it happen. Be sure to keep tabs on our IFA 2014 tag portal as we bring you the latest and hottest Android news and gadgets coming to Europe’s biggest tech show.

VIA: phoneArena, Android Authority

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