Galaxy Note 22 might still happen next year after all

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has received rather mixed reviews, but the majority of them leaned more towards the positive side. At the very least, many are hopeful about the direction that Samsung is taking and are looking forward to a more refined execution in next year's Galaxy Z Fold 4. Most reviewers, however, agree that the foldable phone isn't a Galaxy Note killer, no matter how good it is. Samsung might have taken those comments to heart and may have a next-gen Galaxy Note in the pipeline.

To be fair, Samsung never really said it was axing the Galaxy Note line. The most that it officially confirmed was there would be no iteration this year due to supply problems. It also said that it would continue to bring beloved Galaxy Note features to other phones, referring to the S Pen that has been added to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 this year.

Some saw this as the death knell for the Galaxy Note series, even as reviewers and regular users noted that there's still no convenient way to replace the built-in S Pen of a Galaxy Note phablet. Those dire predictions were further intensified by the noticeable absence of the Galaxy Note name in a recent trademark renewal filed by Samsung in South Korea. That, however, doesn't preclude the possibility of a Galaxy Note launching next year at the very least.

@Ice universe is now getting hopes up that the latter is really the case. Sources in Samsung's supply chain claim to have seen the existence of a next-generation Galaxy Note. This could simply be some prototype, but it at least suggests that Samsung isn't done with the line just yet.

Whether it will be called Galaxy Note 22 or Galaxy Note 21 is probably the least of fans' worries. The addition of an optional S Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 3 that has to be purchased separately only served to reinforce the portable convenience of the Galaxy Note line. Until the day that Samsung figures out how to perfectly store the S Pen inside those two flagship series, not to mention including it as part of the package, there will always be room for a Galaxy Note in Samsung's portfolio.