Galaxy Note 20 Unpacked event will be a first for Samsung

The Galaxy Note 20 is shaping up to be a curious product, though not all for good reasons. It could bring a few firsts for Samsung, including the first to backtrack from features it introduced in a previous Galaxy S flagship. According to the latest leak, the Galaxy Note 20 will also be the first premium Samsung flagship that will be unveiled completely online instead of its grand and public Unpacked events that it holds in the US twice a year.

Of course, it shouldn't be a surprise given current conditions around the world. Especially in New York where quarantine measures are still in place, it would be nearly impossible not to mention probably illegal for Samsung to gather people for its usual Unpacked. Still, for something that has been done consistently for years, the idea of a purely virtual Galaxy Unpacked may be as unsettling as seeing events being canceled after an unbroken run for decades.

The unconventional nature of the Galaxy Note 20's announcement does almost fit the oddity of the phone, at least in the context of Samsung's previous phones. For the first time, for example, the two variants of the Galaxy Note 20 are rumored to use two different display technologies rather than simply differing in size.

The Galaxy Note 20 may also be stepping back a bit from what some see as Samsung's excesses in the camera department. The phone may still use a 108 megapixel sensor but it may not have the 100X Space Zoom that Samsung promoted heavily in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

From various separate leaks, it seems that the Galaxy Note 20 will try to balance the excesses of the Galaxy S20 series. For a line that is known for revolutionary changes, that could also be a first for the Galaxy Note. Whether it will actually result in a less excessive price tag, however, is probably not that likely.