Galaxy Note 20 might be announced one month from now

Despite all that's happening around the world, one thing that seems to still be a constant is the schedule of smartphone announcements, at least from giants like Samsung and Apple. Whether they will be able to launch on time and with enough stocks are different questions entirely. For Samsung, however, the Galaxy Note 20's announcement will be important in more ways than one as it will be the litmus test of Samsung's ability to hold a purely virtual event for what it hopes will be its heavy hitters for the next three months of the year.

At this point, almost everything about the Galaxy Note 20 has been leaked already. Of course, the devil is in the details and there are still some specs of the duo that seem to still fluctuate depending on the source of the information. The camera composition, in particular, is still fair game at this point.

We have more or less 30 days to wait for those rumors to converge into a single and final image of the Galaxy Note 20. According to Ice universe, Samsung's The Next Galaxy even will be held on August 5, exactly as first speculated last month.

While Samsung's online event will somewhat be a historic one for the company, it won't be the only new thing it is expected to do. It will have no less than three high-end phones to announce on that day, not yet counting the Galaxy Tab S7 and Galaxy Tab S7+ tablets. More than the announcements, the unconventional launch schedule for the Galaxy Fold 2 in September and Galaxy S20 Fan Edition, a.k.a. Galaxy S20 Lite, in October is quite an unexpected turn as well.

Those are the drastic measures that Samsung is believed to be taking in light of the very disappointing sales of the Galaxy S20 in the previous months. Of course, part of the reason for the phone's failure to appeal to buyers is the exorbitant price tag during these times, and Samsung's new smartphones are still expected to follow that trend. Then again, it's also pushing its rather successful Galaxy A 5G series even in the US as a fallback when those also fail.