Galaxy Note 20 leaks include more Jedi powers

There doesn't seem to be an end yet to the steady stream of leaks about the Galaxy Note 20 even with less than two weeks before its debut. We are, of course, getting trickles more than floods at this point, but some are still worth mentioning if only to have a few chuckles. This latest batch of leaks checks off some of the remaining boxes on the feature list, including the charger that will come in the box and one rather odd S Pen feature.

There have recently been some discussions about shipping chargers inside phone boxes after rumors broke that Apple won't be placing one with this year's iPhones. Unsurprisingly, some believe that Samsung would follow suit but WinFuture's Roland Quandt is putting an end to that speculation. Not only will Samsung ship a charger inside the Galaxy Note 20 box, it will even be a 25W fast charger.

Another point of contention is the appearance of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra vis-a-vis its flatter Galaxy Note 20 sibling. There's no escaping that large camera bump, which becomes even more prominent in the new Mystic White option that will reportedly be available for the phone. And in case the base colors don't do anything for you, Samsung will have Smart Clear View Cases available for both 5G and 4G-only models. So, yes, there will be non-5G Galaxy Note 20 Ultra versions available, hopefully at a reduced price as well.

Last but definitely not the least, Jimmy is Promo has shown off the next evolution of the S Pen's Jedi-like gesture features. Beyond just flicking, you can use the stylus as a remote mouse to scroll and click on the screen from a distance. It even has a spotlight mode that will clearly highlight where you're pointing at.

This last feature set seems to be a bit contrived and hopefully, Samsung will have some serious uses for this almost ridiculous feature. For better or worse, this feature will at least be available on both models, at least hopefully, even on what is surely shaping up to be a Galaxy Note 20 Lite.