Galaxy Note 10 will be the biggest Note yet

JC Torres - Oct 16, 2018, 12:30 am CDT
Galaxy Note 10 will be the biggest Note yet

Once upon a time, Samsung’s Galaxy Note was ridiculed and doubted for the size of its screen. Just last month, Apple announced the iPhone XS Max, not only the biggest iPhone over bit also 0.1 inches larger than the Galaxy Note 9. Clearly, phablets have won and size is no longer Samsung’s exclusive domain. Now it needs to step up its game and, according to reports, the next Galaxy Note will outdo the iPhone XS Max by around 0.1 inches as well.

The Galaxy Note 9 is already the largest Galaxy Note so far with a screen size of 6.4 inches. That also makes it the largest Samsung smartphone so far. The iPhone XS Max, in comparison, rises to 6.5 inches.

It’s understandable that Samsung would feel uneasy yielding this title to Apple. For years, Cupertino has mocked the phablet category only to even try outdoing Samsung at its own game. Well, not for long. According to industry sources, the Galaxy Note 10 to be released at the second half of 2019 will have a 6.66-inch Super AMOLED screen.

Superstition aside, this is hardly the largest phablet size around. There are 6.7, 6.9, and even 7.0 inches in that category, all still branding themselves as smartphones rather than tablets with phone functionality (Samsung has something like the latter). Neither Samsung nor Apple will probably go overboard in that regard.

It might also be a jumping point for the so-called Galaxy F foldable tablet phone. Samsung can’t really extend its screen size too much to the point that people will feel like they’re carrying brings instead of phones. For those that need more, it will most likely point to its upcoming phone that can become a tablet, offering a much larger screen real estate than otherwise possible on a phone alone.

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