Galaxy Note 10 might vaguely resemble an iPhone XS Max

JC Torres - May 20, 2019, 9:38 pm CDT
Galaxy Note 10 might vaguely resemble an iPhone XS Max

With all the focus on Huawei’s fate vis-a-vis the US ban, there has been less attention on other phones that are just coming out of the woodwork. Even less on phones that exist only in rumors and speculation. The Galaxy Note 10 belongs in the latter and now that the dust around Huawei has settled down a bit, there is a bit more room to talk about what could be Samsung’s oddest Galaxy Note yet in a long time.

Perhaps nothing still beats the Galaxy Note Edge. Although curved edge screens are now Samsung’s mark for premium phones, a one-sided slope that is actually a separate display is still a pretty odd design. The Galaxy Note 10 could come second, changing the way Samsung has designed its phones for years.

Other OEMs have switched designs every so often but Samsung’s phones have always had a few consistent elements. The rear cameras, for example, are always in the center, whether horizontal or vertical. The front camera is also off to the side, with or without a punch-hole cutout.

According to Ice universe, the Galaxy Note 10 will change those and it will have a vertical camera array off to the side and its front camera hole will be dead center. Admittedly, it used the vertical corner camera setup on the Galaxy A9 2019 already. But given the other design change and its position in the market, you can bet it will be more easily compared with the iPhone XS generation or even a Huawei P30 Pro.

Ice universe also claims that Samsung will market the Galaxy Note as its “stable and mature” line, in lieu of the Galaxy A series carrying its “radical innovation”. Like the Galaxy S10, it’s expected to have the same three cameras, four on the Pro model. That, however, does suggest it would perform on the same level, which is still a few points short of getting to the top.

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