Galaxy Note 10 charging might not be so fast after all

JC Torres - Jun 10, 2019, 7:54pm CDT
Galaxy Note 10 charging might not be so fast after all

The rumors and leaks about the Galaxy Noe 10 just keep on coming and they’re painting an unflattering picture of Samsung’s next flagship. The changes that Samsung is introducing are being met with unfavorable reactions while the things it will be keeping are similarly looked down on. Following on the heels of what we’ve heard so far, the Galaxy Note 10 is no believed to have “just fast” charging and not the super fast charging it was rumored to have.

Samsung phones do have quick charging support, both for its Fast Adaptive Charging and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge. While not terribly slow, it has been left in the dust of other technologies that promise around 50% charge for something like 30 minutes. Samsung does have a new technology coming but it won’t be on the phone everyone expects.

Samsung has been rumored to have a 45-watt charging technology that will at least put it closer to features like OPPO’s Super VOOC charging. Given the Galaxy Note 10’s upcoming announcement, it was naturally believed to have that feature. Apparently, that won’t be the case.

Instead, XDA’s Max Weinbach says that his sources deliver the disappointing news of 25-watt charging on the already controversial tablet. That 45-watt super fast charging will, instead, debut on the Galaxy A90, from the line that is serving as Samsung’s test bed for experimental technologies.

Given the Galaxy Note line’s history with batteries, it might be good for Samsung to exercise some caution putting new and untested technologies in the Galaxy Note 10. But also given the already disappointing image of the phablet, this only adds fuel to the phone’s funeral pyre.

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