Galaxy Note 10 Android 10 update lands in the US ahead of schedule

Early holiday gift or signs of good things to come? Either way, owners of the Galaxy 10 in the US and a few places around the world are having an early celebration now that Android 10 together with One UI 2.0 are rolling out in stable form on the most recent stylus-toting tablet. While it's still quite late considering Android 10's public launch, it might still be a commendable change for a company that was notorious for its terrible update pace.

Samsung started the public beta of Android 10 for the Galaxy Note 10 in October, two months after Android 10 was released. If based simply on its previous pace and its own advertised schedule, Samsung was expected to roll out the stable version in January. Just as with the Galaxy S10, however, the company surprised fans and Android users with an uncharacteristically early launch.

Leaks and official announcements have already revealed what this update brings to smartphones alongside Android 10. One UI 2.0 puts a heavy focus on making important controls easier to reach from the bottom of the screen while notifications are made less obtrusive. A tweet also reveals that the update adds the Pixel-exclusive Live Transcribe feature to the phone.

More than just the contents of the update, the timing of the update is perhaps even more interesting. The rollout started last week in Germany but is now reaching the US and some global markets. This might very well be Samsung's fastest cycle for a major Android update.

Hopefully, it's not an update that is full of bugs due to the haste, which already happened before. If Samsung manages to pull this off without a hitch, it is on its way in redeeming its image in the Android community as far as updates go. As far as heavy customizations are concerned, however, that's probably a lost cause by now.