Galaxy Nexus sales ban up in the air pending appeal

It appears that the case involving Apple and Google's Galaxy Nexus device (made by Samsung) has yielded a bit of a confusing set of circumstances. According to Foss Patents legal aficionado Florian Mueller and All Things D writer Ina Fried, we'll still need to wait on a ruling for the pre-ruling on if the Galaxy Nexus will continue to be able to be sold in the USA. The case at hand has Apple filing a suit against the Galaxy Nexus and has since this weekend had a sales ban enacted through the court against said phone until the court case can decide if the device truly does infringe upon Apple's patent for a '604 Siri-style quick search.

This current case has ended for today without an immediate indication from the judge in charge for the case, Judge Koh, on whether or not she will stay the injunction pending appeal. Whether or not this means you'll be able to go out and pick up a Samsung Galaxy Nexus this week is currently unclear.

Stick around for more news from the courtroom in regards to all things tech – if that's your bag – all week here on SlashGear. Choose sides and make a game of it! Also have a peek at the timeline below to get caught up on this current case as it unfolds as well.