Galaxy Nexus launch postponed to December 2 in UK?

UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus fans have some bad news about the ship date of the smartphone in the UK. According to the Amazon listing for the smartphone, the date has slipped from the November 17 launch we already heard about to December 2. However, the official launch date is still the same with no official announcement of a change.

No changes have been noted by Samsung or carriers in the UK officially. There is a chance that the slipping launch date is for Amazon only, but that seems slim. In the US, we still haven't been told of an official launch date. Leaks are still pointing to that November 17 date.

We know the phone will be a Verizon exclusive for at least a while. At this point, we have to wonder if the delay in getting anything official about the launch from Verizon has something to do with the fact that Samsung might not be sure exactly when it will launch.

[via Android Community]