Galaxy Grand Neo brings "Lite" with a new name

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Samsung's next new screen-size for a smartphone is 5-inches, bringing in one element of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 to pair with the rest from the generation that came before it. While it's unclear at the moment if we'll ever see this device appear inside the United States, we do expect to see it up close and personal at Mobile World Congress 2014. We'll be there live and in full effect for you to see every device like this before it enters the States.

You'll find a 5-inch display on this device, but not the same panel we saw with the Galaxy S 4. Instead you've got a slightly less fantastic 800 x 480 pixel panel with a 1n2GHz quad-core processor under the hood. Also under the hood is 1GB of RAM ready to kick out the mid-level jams while you're keeping your media on 8GB of internal storage.

This device will work with a microSD card slot for memory expansion by 32GB, and you'll have a 2,100mAh battery under the hood to keep running all day long. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is running right out of the box, and you'll find this device appearing with a VGA camera up front as well as a 5-megapixel camera around back.

It would appear that this device is headed for Dutch retailers first, with the device already listed through Samsung and coming up at around 260 Euro off-contract. That's under $400 USD if you convert Euro to Dollar exactly, but again – it's no certain deal that this device will actually appear in the USA.