Galaxy Fold will be snubbed by T-Mobile

Samsung proudly announced the Galaxy Fold's upcoming return to the market but that has only sparked questions more than answers. The biggest question, of course, is will you buy one after its catastrophic first attempt. It's a question of trust that even original fans are asking themselves in the weeks leading to the September launch. It seems that even carriers are asking themselves the same question but T-Mobile already has an answer: no.

To some extent, it was fortunate that the flaws were discovered early before actual retail units shipped to buyers. Review units handed out to influencers revealed Samsung's design misstep, causing the company to recall all those foldable phones and delay the launch. Unfortunately, eager buyers already put in a pre-order for the Galaxy Fold.

That caused headaches for retailers and carriers who have had to cancel orders or refund customers. It's a logistics nightmare that at least one major US carrier seems to have enough of Samsung's second major failure in recent memory. Those carriers and retailers were also burned by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco of 2016.

In a statement to The Verge, T-Mobile said outright that it will not be carrying the Galaxy Fold. The reason it gave was simple: it already has a wide range of phones available and it doesn't need yet another one. It then tells interested subscribers to talk to Samsung instead.

Of course, that reason is pretty unreasonable since it will always be adding new phones as they come. It is simply T-Mobile's not so subtle way of throwing shade at Samsung. Other US carriers, however, have still to chime in but T-Mobile could have set a precedent for them to also say "no".