Galaxy Fold re-launch might be limited to a few select markets

Samsung's first attempt at a commercial foldable phone was a failure even before it launched but it's still being remade into a hopefully better version. It's already more than two months late but it is still coming, at least that's what Samsung keeps on promising. What Samsung hasn't promised is when it will relaunch and, just as important, where it will launch. Now it seems it won't be as grand a launch as earlier planned and may not even be available in many of the earlier target markets.

On the one hand, it's not so surprising to hear this rumor. The company has been seriously burned by the Galaxy Fold fiasco. It might be limiting the initial availability of the phone in order to test both its marketability as well as limit the damage if that still happens.

It might, however, also be experiencing supply and manufacturing problems. In addition to changes in its design, Samsung also faces challenges in obtaining key supplies and raw materials due to an ongoing trade dispute between South Korea and Japan. That has also reportedly affected production of other devices and components as well.

Whatever the reason, it will surely disappoint remaining believers in the foldable phone. Extremely late and in limited supply, the resulting sales numbers could skew opinion against the Galaxy Fold.

As for which select markets it will launch, SamMobile's clues lie in where the phone's firmware is being tested. Samsung has reportedly stopped testing the firmware in all initial markets except the US, the UK, Germany, France, and India. That suggests that the Galaxy Fold may initially be available only in this markets and, considering production and price, in limited numbers as well.