Galaxy Fold Premier Service is now available for US owners

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The Galaxy Fold is arguably one of the most expensive non-gold, non-luxury smartphones targeted at the consumer market. It is also arguably one of the oddest and most unconventional out there. That was the bitter truth that Samsung realized after just a day of the first batch out in the wild. Expecting that buyers of the $2,000 phone will need special guidance, it has created its so-called Premier Service that is now finally available to US owners of the foldable phone.

The Galaxy Fold Premier Service is really just a fancy name for VIP customer support. Members of this exclusive club will have access to "a dedicated team" of support representatives 24/7. Only voice call support is actually 24/7, however, as video chats are only available Mondays to Friday from 9 AM to 10 PM Eastern.

The Premier Service also offers one-on-one training on how to use the Galaxy Fold. Interestingly, that won't happen when you buy the phone and you'll have to actually call in to arrange the session if it's even available within your vicinity. Probably before you actually use and potentially break your Galaxy Fold.

Most buyers, however, will be most interested in the one-time screen replacement offer. If you happen to break the inner screen (the foldable one) within one year of the date of purchase, you can have it replaced for $149 only. Your next repair, however, will cost you the full $599.

Activation and use of the Galaxy Fold Premier Service are done through the Samsung Members app which has to be updated to the latest version. Once simply a nuisance, this app will not be the lifeline of Galaxy Fold owners. The one fine is that all these apply only to those buying the Galaxy Fold on or before December 31, 2019 and covers only one year of owning the device.