Galaxy Fold Lite is reportedly postponed to 2021

If foldable phones look and sound like luxuries few people would be able to get their hands on it's because that's exactly what they are. The combination of their price and fragility pretty much ensures that these will never be commonplace, at least in the foreseeable future. Samsung, which helped spur the foldable phone market in the first place, was expected to also push more affordable foldable phones as well. Unfortunately, now it seems that won't be the case this year as plans for what was believed to be the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G is reportedly being put on hold.

It would have probably been the perfect timing for such a cheaper version of the Galaxy Fold. People are now reaching for less expensive alternatives given the global economic situation and a $1,100 (1.38 million KRW) foldable phone would have been a killer. Especially if it folded like the Galaxy Fold instead of the like the Galaxy Z Flip.

Rumors of this cheaper foldable phone started around last month but never really got much traction compared to other upcoming Samsung products. The Galaxy Fold Lite will supposedly sport only two cameras and ditch 5G in order to keep prices down. The cover screen, Samsung's name for the external second screen, would also be slimmer than the already narrow version on the first Galaxy Fold.

Unfortunately, Samsung may have decided that now is not the time for that, especially after the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S20 series. The report from Korean media doesn't go into detail on the reasons for the change of direction other than that Samsung is pushing the phone's launch to 20201.

By then, however, it might already be too late to make a difference. Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Fold 2 sometime in the three-month period starting August. Future foldable phones will then be judged by that new standard and the Galaxy Fold Lite 4G could end up becoming completely unattractive, despite the lower price tag.