Galaxy Fold is still coming, new date to be announced really soon now

JC Torres - Jun 10, 2019, 11:44 pm CDT
Galaxy Fold is still coming, new date to be announced really soon now

You can probably tell that an idea is huge and also right when both manufacturers and consumers refuse to let go even after a catastrophic disaster. Despite the embarrassing failure of the Galaxy Fold, even earlier reviewers with broken units admit they still believe in the vision. Some consumers are of the same mind and would probably still get one, provided Samsung gets its act together. And the Korean manufacturer suggests it might already have and will, in fact, drop some big news in the coming weeks.

Given how the Samsung has suddenly gone silent in the past weeks following the spectacular breaking of Galaxy Fold review units, some have begun to doubt if the company is even going to re-launch the foldable phone at all. There have been rumors here and there but nothing substantial. At least nothing about a launch date.

A company spokesperson reportedly told CNET that timing will be announced in the coming weeks. This does suggest that the Galaxy Fold hasn’t been totally scrapped at least. Of course, “coming weeks” can be anything between two weeks to twelve. It’s at least coming, for now.

Those earlier reports have claimed that the company implemented small fixes to the design of the Galaxy Fold. Just enough to address the complaints and observations raised by reviewers and pundits but nothing that substantially changes the design of the phone. Whether those will be enough to address any and all potential structural flaws, we’ll have to wait when the phone does ship.

It’s not just Samsung working on foldable phones, of course, but it’s the only one taking the risk to launch one. Huawei is too busy fighting for its survival to bother with launching the Mate X at this time. Other manufacturers like Xiaomi, OPPO, and Lenovo all have their own take on the foldable phones but all say they’re waiting for the perfect time to make the jump.

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