Galaxy Fold is literally destroying Samsung's name

It may have improved its durability, though not by much, but Samsung may have overlooked one small but important part of its foldable phone: the branding. The Galaxy Fold may be the only one of its kind for now but it might only be a matter of time before copycats and fakes start to appear. It may be good, then, that Samsung's logo on the spine of the Galaxy Fold is falling off, letter by letter, now rather than later though the cause of the defect may be more serious than it looks.

In truth, some users might actually welcome this design flaw considering how they take great pains to debrand their phones and remove obnoxiously placed names and icons. Given how most phones have their manufacturers' names etched or painted on the case of the phone, having ones that can fall off is almost a blessing in disguise.

It's stil1l an embarrassment for Samsung, however, as it only reinforces the image of fragility that the Galaxy Fold has. Its hinge may be able to withstand at least 120,000 opening and closing movements (200,000 is still debated) but it can't seem to keep everything else from falling apart, be it the screen or the letters of its name.

More than the hilarious irony, however, the situation raises questions on why the letters are falling off in the first place. It is obviously a design flaw but those probably wouldn't fall on their own unless there are external forces at work. Either the phone runs hot to loosen the letters' adhesive or the display's back hits the raised part of the letters, eventually pulling them off.

Either way, things aren't looking that good for the reinforced Galaxy Fold. While this new design flaw might be minor in the grand scheme of things, it also shows Samsung may have a skipped a few things along the way. And if its skipped quality testing on that one small part, who knows what else it missed in the process.