Galaxy Fold is difficult to repair as it is easy to break

The media frenzy around the Galaxy Fold has seemingly died out a bit. The jury is already out with the verdict and while Samsung's redesigned foldable phone is indeed stronger than the first, it's still a fragile expensive piece of technology. Which is also why Samsung has come up with a new "customer experience" which is basically just an amped-up customer and repair service. But spin it any which way, the Galaxy Fold will still be extremely difficult to repair, which also explains how much Samsung will be charging for such services in the long run.

The Galaxy Fold is easy to break, that much has already been established repeatedly. Despite Samsung's earnest modifications, sand and dust still get in easily and the screen can get scratched just as quickly. Fortunately, it has become a bit more resilient to accidental folds in the opposite direction.

Its fragility is also making its teardown and, therefore, repair also more difficult. The second screen on the back of one half of the phone makes opening it up more difficult. The two thin batteries glued hard to the body makes replacement twice as difficult. And, of course, there's always the danger of damaging the screen in the process.

Interestingly, it was the hinge that remained solid and intact throughout the whole process, with no danger of falling apart. In addition to the time-consuming fold tests, this proves the resilience of that folding mechanism. Unfortunately, that might be the only strong part of the Galaxy Fold.

Given its earlier fiasco and this nature of the Galaxy Fold, it's only fitting that Samsung offer buyers some free or discounted services within the first year or first damage of the phone. Sadly, the Galaxy Fold may not exactly last that long and once the warranty has run out, owners should expect to pay a leg and an arm for any repair.