Galaxy Fold Gets A Dedicated Video On How To Take Care Of It

When was the last time you've seen an instructional or even just promotional video about how to take care of a smartphone? Those may have been common back in 2009 when the first ones were still coming out of the market but, these days, it is presumed that almost everyone knows the basics of protecting a phone from an early, accidental death. Samsung made that mistaken presumption a few months back so now it isn't taking any chances with a short video on what not to do with the world's second commercially available foldable phone.

The first Galaxy Folds that landed in reviewers' hands met their demise because of at least two known causes. The firs was the removal of a critical layer that everyone presumed to be a screen protector. The other was the intrusion of minute particles into large gaps in the hinges.

Samsung already corrected those gross errors and has finally launched the Galaxy Fold for real. It has extended the protective layer to the bezels so it can't be removed easily. It also made the gaps in the hinges smaller so they won't easily get invaded by dust. Despite that, there's still a small possibility that people will still do things that would damage the Galaxy Fold.

To both inform users and promote the product, Samsung released a video that tells them what they should't do in relation to features. For example, it says there's no need for a screen protector so don't peel off what looks like a screen protector. It also advises users to put the phone away from dust and water, just to be safe. Amusingly, it also cautions owners to keep away certain items that could interact with the strong magnets on the edges, like, for example, a credit card, perhaps even the Apple Card.

Samsung says that a special phone like the Galaxy Fold requires special care. Given its $2,000 price tag, that warning is definitely warranted. And to be extra sure, the company has launched a premium service to educate users and answer their questions so that no one will accuse it of not doing enough to safeguard the fragile phones.