Galaxy Fold fixes are coming and these are the changes Samsung made

It should have been a moment of glory for Samsung but it became yet another nightmare in its history. Admittedly, the Galaxy Fold didn't literally go up in flames like the Galaxy Note 7 but the $2,000 price tag and the uncertainty of its delivery made Samsung's blunder all the more poignant. The company hasn't given up yet and a new report now details the steps Samsung took to address those fatal flaws.

Truth be told, the points that Yonhap listed aren't that staggering. They don't amount to a significant change in design and merely put band-aid fixes on the exact problems pointed out by reviewers. In other words, on par for an expensive prototype.

The first change is that tricky protective film that isn't a screen protector. Given how some smartphones ship with a screen protector already attached, early reviewers proceeded to remove the plasticky film. It turns out, however, that it's actually a critical part of the foldable display.

To "fix" that, Samsung has made it so that the film cannot be removed, at least not easily. It may have tucked the protection layer under the bezel, similar to what Lenovo has reportedly done with its foldable Thinkpad X1 prototype. It is also putting a lot of warnings on the packaging, telling users not to even try removing it.

Samsung has also reportedly reduced the gap in the hinge where tiny foreign particles could get through, damaging the highly sensitive screen. The real tragedy here is that these are the small things Samsung should have checked even before it sent out review units for promotion. Or it should have at least sent it out to testers first before sending them to YouTube personalities. It would have then saved a lot of face and confidence in its product.